North American Fantasy Hockey Alliance

North American Fantasy Hockey Alliance

NAFHA is online!

The entire NAFHA rosters and statistics database is now housed online for the first time! Need to see your current roster? Submit a lineup? Propose a trade to another owner? Sign in and start working!

Access NAFHA Anywhere

NAFHA is available on all mobile devices for the first time in its history. The new NAFHA site has been created using Twitter Bootstrap to be fully responsive to phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Don't pay a cent!

NAFHA continues to be fee-free for 17 years running. We've never charged owners to be a part of the league and have continue to maintain accurate scores and statistics due to a dedicated group.

  What's Coming?

Indexed Rosters

Rosters will be available online and will be searchable. Looking to see if a player is available? Do a quick search!

The index of players includes any player that has been a part of an NAFHA roster during that season. Free agents that are never signed to an NAFHA team will not be included in the player list.

Meet the Owners

Want to know who's currently in the NAFHA league? In the meet the owners section, find out information you might not have known about your fellow NAFHA owners. Get contact information for each owner or contact them via the site.

Owners will eventually have the rights to edit these sections and make them their own. Think of it as social media for for your fantasy hockey team. Also, links to historical stats about each owner will be available soon!

Historical Data

Need some ammunition for a battle of NAFHA wits? All of our available historical data will be stored here on our website when it officially launches!

Live Score Updates

Using live statistic APIs, scores will available online live before the official release the next morning! All "live" scores will be considered unofficial at this time.

Lineup Submission

Stuck in line at Wal-Mart at 11:30am on lineup submission day? Submit your lineup via the website! Your roster will be pulled from the latest roster release to make it easier to decide who to start!

Draft Results

Historical drafts will be available and well as the current year's drafting order. Keep tabs on your next pick by sorting via team.